In our Download area you find clearly structured charts on the most important events in Berlin and Brussels, helpful guidance on the priorities of the respective Council Presidency and "The Übersicht" available for free download.  

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Want to know who are the key players in the European Parliament and key influencers of party politics in Brussels? Check out the up to date Erste Lesung overview of all party coordinators.

"The Übersicht" offers information on the most important political events in Germany and Brussels. From party conventions to meetings of the Council and elections, here you find it all.

What are the goals of the Council of the European Union? Who works on which policy fields and what is to be achieved? Here you find the answers to these questions for the current and past Presidencies.

A who is who of the European Commission. Which Commissioner heads which department? An outline of Jean-Claude Juncker's team, either as a quick overview or as a backgrounder with short biographies.