When two people meet, it takes one tenth of a second for them to form an opinion about each other. Only rarely does this opinion change over time. The first impression matters. If you want people to “meet” your idea and fall in love with it, make sure that the first impression makes them want to hear more. And make sure you have enough time to really explain what you want to communicate.

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You may have developed a cutting edge technology, an awesome product, the next big thing – if you aren’t able to explain it to your clients and investors, you won’t make your vision come true. Usually, your audience is fairly tech savvy at best, but very rarely will the people on the other side of the table, be it investors or clients, understand as much about your idea as you do. You need to explain your tech in a way they understand, without too many technical terms or excessive nerdiness.

"Drones are a new technology and require a lot of teaching and explaining. Erste Lesung not only understands the tech and innovation behind, but is able to communicate it in a way that the audience understands it as well."

Christian Struwe, EU Policy Lead

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Maybe looks are not the most important thing – but if you want your audience to stick around long enough for you to convey your inner values, the outer appearance certainly helps. We are convinced that papers, studies, facts and figures are more readily read and consumed when presented in a way that is pleasing to the eye.

"Some know design, some know content. Erste Lesung succeeds in combining both and thus making sure that whatever you want to say is well received."

Carsten Kestermann, Senior Manager Public Policy EMEA

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Be it your product, your vision or yourself – with the right first visual impression you make sure that everything looks professional. Visual communication is not only about looking pretty. Its job is to highlight your message and help your audience understand the topic at hand. It all starts with a comprehensive approach and a common thread across all your activities and materials.

"Erste Lesung won’t tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. You can be sure to always receive thought out advice and valuable input in a straightforward and direct way."

Ammar Alkassar, Chief Executive Officer

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So you have got an idea, a product and a vision. You have your deck and material. You have your investor meeting scheduled, an interview or a stage performance. But are you ready? Do you know how to structure your presentation, what to wear and how to deliver your message? The most important factor for an investor to invest in is the founder. Make sure you make a formidable first impression.

„Erste Lesung accompanied Movidius through the last months and has been an invaluable support. Since I am using the decks prepared and improved by Erste Lesung, the investors aren’t left with a lot of questions but get what Movidius is all about.“

Remi El-Ouazzane, Chief Executive Officer

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Organising events serves a number of purposes: networking, positioning, communication. Whether it is a private setting or a smashing party, there is no better way than a meeting in person to get your message across. But you won’t reach your goals if you don’t succeed in gathering the right crowd, if you aren't prepared to fight unexpected chaos or if you simply run out of drinks. Worst case, your efforts might have an adverse effect. Only the right setting and a flawless preparation ensure that your guests are perfectly comfortable and don’t worry about anything else than listening to what you have to say.

„Erste Lesung is always a reliable and cooperative partner for us. They do not only deliver quick and precise what you ask them to do but also provide us with new ideas and help to even develop our performance further."

Maria Heider, Director EU Affairs